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God is not dead, He is Here and even There
Though He might seems silent, yet we know He's simply there
You may feel  so helpless, tempted and sore frustrated
God is not dead, He will sure draw near

Do not quit, for help is near
God is still there why do you live in fear?
Don't you despair, only do persevere.
Cos God is not dead, He's just right there

Dare not to be Scared, Just get prepared
He's still there though you may feel ensnared
He will draw near, just call on Him Dear
God is not Dead, He remains The Best

God is at His Best to give you His very Best
He'll bring you from the rear, and put you right up there
Don't shudder in fear, simply keep cool right there
For God is not dead, He is alive and ever near

(C) 2019; Beloved Ajayi: for comments and questions, reach out to

Wisdom is key

Foolishness brings shame but the one who is wise is celebrated by everyone
Every foolish one can become wise

God is the Giver of wisdom and He gives it to everyone who asks
The path of the wise is lightened
But fools groops and stumbles all the way.

Wisdom brings safety
But the ways of the foolish is His destruction

Teach me Lord to walk in wisdom
Let every move I make bring me the desired results
Let me take a guided move
Let me not take steps in error

Walking by instinct destroys a man
Walking by divine leadings keeps Him

God, let me not make unwise plans
Fill my plans with wisdom

Foolishness is costly But wisdom brings honour
A man who fails never get pitied
Rather He is scorned for failing to employ wisdom

Take the pain to get the gain
All the sanes no one disdains
Sage brings fame
Never does it gets shamed


YOU SHALL SOON GAIN THE VICTORY-------A POEM BY BELOVED to all who are heart broken

when the sky seems dusky,
and the times proves boring,
don not give up in a hurry,
for you shall soon gain the victory.

2. though it might seems so scary,
your sorry shall soon become history,
you need not falter all of a sudden
you shall soon gain the victory.

3. if the tides seems very contrary,
do not fear at nothing,
just be still and please keep moving
for you shall soon gain the victory

4. when you appear so lonely,
with no one to keep you company,
just be still and be always happy
for soon, they'll troop over all calling

5. you shall gain the mastery,
if you don't groan in agony
you've got to remain steady,
for He's always there to change your story.

written by Ajayi David (Beloved) and dedicated to all those who are passing through one challenge or the other.
God bless you


A Short poem by Ajayi Beloved: read and stay blessed

leave no space for worries,
forget not in a hurry,
that your savior has taken all your sorry,
in exchange, He gave you victory
yours is a glorious story
a story of great glory
for you have ascended success storey
and moving from glory to glory